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Blu Starter Kit

Blu Starter Kit

Enjoy the look and feel of a cigarette – free from tobacco smoke. And discover a stylish black e-cig that lights up blue when you puff. With a Starter Kit, you choose from authentic tobacco or menthol flavour to get going. After that, you’ve got seven great tasting flavours to explore. Just one of the […]

Blu Disposable E Cig

Blu Disposable E-Cig

If you’re trying out e cigs for the first time then the disposable Blu e cig range could be for you. Blu disposable e cigs are available in four flavours You get four great flavours to choose from including Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry or NRG flavours in Bold (18mg) nicotine strength, as well as nicotine-free NRG […]


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Disposables E-Liquid Other Disposables blu disposables£5.99Blu E-Liquid blu classic tobacco eliquid 18mg£4.99Blublu menthol eliquid 18mg£4.99Blublu cherry eliquid 18mg£4.99Blublu nrg eliquid 18mg£4.99Blublu strawberrymint eliquid 18mg£4.99Blublu bluberry eliquid 18mg£4.99Blublu tobacco gold eliquid 18mg£4.99Blublu rich tobacco eliquid 18mg£4.99Blublu vanilla eliquid 18mg£4.99Blu Other blu by skycig crown vanilla flavour cartridge refills 18mg nicotine 3pk£2.997DayShopaone bdr bluray 4x white inkjet […]

Smoko Starter Kit

Smoko E Cig

The Smoko Starter Kit offers everything you need to get started enjoying ‘vaping’ a Smoko electronic cigarette. The Smoko E Cig offers an amazing taste, with the same nicotine hit you crave but none of the nasties you get with a normal cigarette – no harmful chemicals, no tar, no smell on your breath or […]