A Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

Like many new “technologies” the electronic cigarette comes with its own set of terms and phrases which may leave you baffled and confused if you are considering switching from smoking traditional cigarettes or roll-ups to “vaping” on an e-cig.

In this article our aim is to look at the terms used within the industry to help you better understand what is available when choosing between the many electronic cigarette brands, “smoking” devices and starter kits available in today’s market. We hope it helps…

Popular Terms within the Electronic Cigarette Industry

  • E Cig, ECig,E-Cig – an abbreviation for electronic cigarette.
  • Vaper – a person who uses electronic cigarettes
  • Vape – a “smoke” – Fancy going for a vape/smoke?
  • E Liquid / E-Liquid /E Juice – a liquid form, most often infused with nicotine and flavourings which is then vapourised and inhaled via an electronic cigarette or vaopuriser.