News and Reviews of Electronic Cigarettes and E Liquid

e-cigWelcome to E-Cigs Reviewed, more than just an electronic cigarette review site.

The UK is experiencing a boom in the sale of electronic cigarettes and e liquid cartridges and refills since the first brands were launched in the UK back in 2006.

Media reports in newspapers and on television question the safety of e cigs and politicians are lobbying for tighter regulations on the sale of e cigarettes with many school children purportedly admitting to “vaping” whilst at school.

There is much debate within the health sector as to any benefits of “vapers” using them as an aid to help quit smoking, and calls for more research into the chemicals and substances used in the creation of e liquids are abound.

This website has been put together to offer up a platform for open discussion, news and customer reviews of electronic cigarettes and e liquid and is therefore free to use by anyone, whether you are already a smoker of electronic cigarettes, looking to switch from smoking “traditional” tobacco cigarettes to using e-cigs or simply want to find out more about the electronic cigarette market.